Powell & Wagner Associates was founded in 1966 and has a long tradition as a premier, boutique assessment and consulting practice in the New England area. Over the years we have developed many strong working relationships with individual clients, many independent and public schools, companies and individuals. We rely on word of mouth referrals for almost all of our business and prefer to maintain a discrete, low-key presence in the greater Boston area. At Powell & Wagner Associates, it is our policy to treat our clients with respect and in the context of warm, friendly, professional working relationships. We do our best to return calls, speak directly with each individual involved and avoid the impersonal feel of more bureaucratic institutions. From my perspective, mental health begins with treating people personally and professionally. This means that you will not find yourself waiting on hold or clicking through an impersonal phone tree when you call Powell & Wagner. You will not experience delayed responses or long wait times. We are equipped to handle quick turnaround scenarios when needed, and attempt to accommodate your schedule, rather than the other way around.

In this age of increasing technology, we strive to balance the positive part of the latest innovations without losing the personal touch. We take each case consultation as a unique opportunity to help facilitate positive, tangible change. Therefore, our clients can expect more than a detached display of numbers, profile data or a mere diagnostic label at the end of our assessment. Rather, we ask (and answer) the question, “So what?” at the end of each assessment. By holding ourselves to this higher standard, we support each of our clients in obtaining the most meaningful, in-depth and effective experience possible. Many of our clients touch base, sometimes years later, to share their progress and express their thanks. To me, hearing our clients’ success stories is what makes our work truly worthwhile.    

Powell & Wagner Associates