Finding, applying to, and selecting the right college is now a more complicated and daunting task than ever before. With the current generation of baby boomers� kids, there are more applications for any given college than ever before in U.S. history. This demand has contributed to skyrocketing tuition and unprecedented competition. In this challenging environment, it is especially important to make thoughtful, well-researched plans for the student’s college career. An assessment at the pre-college stage of the student’s life can help identify strengths, areas for support and personal factors that will help in the college planning and selection process.

College can be one of the best or worst times in life. The right match of school and student can lead to optimal learning and life-preparation along with cherished memories and friendships. The wrong match can lead to all kinds of negative outcomes, including mental health concerns, legal and financial or family problems. By helping the student, and parents, get a good grasp on strengths and vulnerabilities, an assessment at the pre-college stage, or if bewildering problems at college arise, can help everyone make best possible plans for the future. Often an independent assessment is used as the bedrock for effective college planning and selection. While many schools attempt to do their best to assist in the college planning and selection process, most families need additional and enhanced help with this life-altering task. Our assessment and consultation services can serve as an invaluable aide at this critical stage of life.  

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