The best job is a match to your inherent aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses, personality style, cognitive style, emotional needs and personal interests. When even one of these important facets is missing from work, dissatisfaction, frustration and a lack of fulfillment can result. Sometimes more serious problems arise related to work such as depression, anxiety or family tensions.

At Powell & Wagner Associates, we understand the complexity of making the best possible career plans. For most career consultations, we begin with a thorough assessment of your individual strengths and areas for development. We also assess personal style, thinking/ cognitive style and leadership style. After establishing a comprehensive profile we review our results with you to formulate clear, tangible plans for the future.

We see clients at all different stages of their career. For younger adults, (e.g., age 21- 30), our focus may be more on clarifying interests and skills that will eventually translate into satisfying work. How can you tell if you are on the right track? Should you go back to graduate school? What are realistic goals for both the long and short term? With more senior clients, it may be more focused on specific choices or decisions that need to be made. Should I leave my position to get involved in a start-up? Should I take the job offer that means relocating? If I take the promotion, how should we restructure our management team? If I take early retirement, what should I do then?

In any case, and at any stage of your career, we are committed to personalizing each consultation and to providing in-depth, meaningful feedback that translates in tangible plans, decisions and results. Follow up is available as needed or by referral on an individual basis. Making a small investment now can help ensure that your longer term big investment in your career will lead to success and satisfaction.

Powell & Wagner Career Consultation