Within the context of the corporate setting, psychological and career assessment involves a unique, practical focus. At Powell & Wagner, we have worked hand-in-hand with both large international corporations and small family businesses to help businesses run effectively and smoothly. Our involvement in corporate consultation can help in the hiring process (e.g., selection assessment), the reorganization or development of a group, team or entire company, succession planning, or by helping support, train or develop existing management talent. We have also conducted outcome/performance-based research, and assist in setting up various kinds of programs and initiatives that help create success at both the individual and organizational levels. We can help with hiring/selection, executive coaching, talent management, management and organizational development, career transition and a variety of Human Resource and personnel needs. Our approach is unique and varied with each client. We avoid selling companies “canned” products, tests or services while preferring to take the time to accurately assess the needs of each unique situation. We have found that this “customized” approach often distinguishes us from larger consulting firms and typically leads to better results, lower costs and increased ROI.

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