Students and families seek our assistance in making the best possible plans for high school, college, graduate or professional school. By combining our comprehensive assessment, along with our first hand knowledge of schools, we provide accurate and informed recommendations.

In most cases, we provide fully coordinated services that combine comprehensive assessment, school placement help and advocacy aspects of educational consulting, under one roof. We are also set up to work collaboratively with other educational consultants, and other specialists, as needed. We are committed to going the extra mile to get to know each family and student on an individual basis in order to make the best possible school recommendations and plans. We are equipped to provide “quick turnaround” assessments/consultation in situations that require prompt attention.

Over the decades, we have worked closely with and have first-hand knowledge of the independent school community in the New England area. Many of these schools have asked us to provide consulting, counseling or assessment services either on site at the school or in-house at our office in Cambridge/Boston.

Powell & Wagner Educational Assessment